Tip For Keeping Your Carpet Cleaner During The Winter

Winter often brings along wet weather, which means tracking mud and dirt into your home. Instead of resigning yourself to living with dirty carpet until spring, follow these tips for keeping your carpet clean in the winter. 

No Shoes Rule

Preventing carpet stains is the easiest way to keep your carpets cleaner! So, enact a new rule in your home: No Shoes Allowed! Have your family and guests remove their shoes in your entryway before fully entering your home. Place a shelf, rack or basket by the door so that the area doesn’t become cluttered. This keeps it easier for you to prevent muddy stains altogether so that you don’t have anything to clean up in the future. 

Keep Your Driveway Clear

Keeping the walkway to your front door clear of snow mud is another way to prevent stains before they happen. Hopefully, if there is no mud or dirt leading up to your front door, none can enter your home! This is a great chore for the kids to be in charge of. Have them shovel the drive as often as needed to keep the path clean and clear of ice, dirt or mud! 

Regularly Deep-Clean Your Carpets 

Sometimes life is going to happen, so having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis is another great way to ensure they stay as clean as possible over the winter months. A professional cleaning will remove and set-in stains, dirt, or odors from your carpets and give you the fresh, clean home you deserve.

Schedule an appointment with the professionals at Best Qualified Cleaning today!  

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