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Benefits Of Having Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned

You may be surprised to learn of the many benefits of having your mattress professionally cleaned. This is something that many people commonly overlook, but it is a vital part of keeping a clean home and properly maintaining your mattress. Let’s review 3 benefits of having a professionally cleaned mattress

  1. It’s Good for Your Allergies

Think of how much time you spend on your bed. Now think about other things that come into your bed: your partner, children, pets. Not to mention the dust and dirt from other areas of your home. Your mattress absorbs a lot of dust, dirt, and other particles throughout the night as you sleep. And since all of that dust is hanging out in there, it is released into the air when you turn and re-adjust throughout the night, causing you to inhale it as you breathe. This is a major contributing factor to allergy problems and it’s quite often overlooked!  Having your mattress professionally cleaned removes dust particles and reduces the overall buildup of these particles, which seriously reduces the allergens you breathe in. 

  1. It Extends the Life of Your Mattress 

Keeping excess dirt and dust out of your mattress goes a long way in preserving the fibers of your mattress. Keeping it clean and clear will help to reinforce the integrity of your mattress, keeping it more comfortable for longer use. 

  1. It Reduces Skin Irritants 

In the same way the particles trapped in your mattress can irritate your allergies, they can also irritate your skin. Having dust, dirt, skin cells, and perspiration seep into your mattress can cause issues with your skin. You may think that your sheets and mattress protectors keep that from happening, but that is not always the case. Microscopic particles can find their way through the fiber of your sheets to irritate your skin. Having your mattress cleaned regularly will reduce the build-up, giving you happy, itch-free skin! 

How long has it been since you’ve had your mattress professionally cleaned? Contact Best Qualified Cleaning today to schedule an appointment so that you can sleep better knowing your home is thoroughly clean! 

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