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Cleaning Tips for Summer

Summer is here! Which is so exciting but it also means more traffic through our homes and humidity. We thought it would be a good idea to compile a short list of some summer cleaning tips we sometimes forget about!

Air Conditioner Filter

This is something so small and easy to forget about – but reminding yourself to do this a few times throughout the summer time will go a long way for the air quality inside our homes. Have you ever taken a peak at the inside of the air conditioner air filter? It is usually filled with tons of dust, if it is not getting cleaned, those dust particles are being pushed into the air we breathe.

The Ceiling Fan

Another pesky area easily forgotten about that gets used throughout the summer? Those ceiling fans. When those fans lay dormant throughout the winter, they collect a ton of dust on top. The moment the fans get turned on for the summer, all that dust gets thrown into the air around us. Dusty fans only increase summer allergies and without cleaning they can continue to spread dust and pollen.

Cleaning Electronics

For electronics you should follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfection of products. If you cannot find any guidelines consider using alchohol-based wipes or sprays that contain at least 70% alcohol. Make sure you dry surfaces completely and avoid overuse of liquids as this may damage your electronics.

The Fridge

With humidity in the air, mold and bacteria have a higher chance to form and grow. A deep cleaning of the fridge should be done a few times a year, but since its nice out, the summer is a great time to start! Sometimes we forget how easily things drip or spill inside the refrigerator and then wonder what that lingering odor could be from. Make sure to throw out anything expired or moldy – this goes for condiments as well, they might be the cause to your stinky fridge! Summer is the time for home grown fruits and veggies, so these can go bad faster, or bring in outdoor bacteria if not washed properly beforehand.

Sweep & Wipe DAILY

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of summertime? For us, we think of ANTS. Somehow ants always find their way all throughout our homes in the summertime. With our kids home from school, more playdates and more life events happening throughout the summer, messes are inevitable. A popsicle melting, an allergy sneeze, a coffee spill, you name it, its a good idea to consistently wipe and disinfect your countertops throughout the day whenever there is a chance. Cut the creepy crawly bugs off of their food source by sweeping and wiping down their mess everyday!

These are just a few quick tips to start your summer cleaning check list. It’s great to have a routine and be reminded of some of the smaller cleaning areas in our home we sometimes forget about. If you have any questions or would be interested in learning how Best Qualified Cleaning can be part of your summer cleaning plan, please call at 603-622-6200 or email us at mark@bestqualifiedcleaning.com

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