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Internet Cleaning Trends?!

In the age of social media, there are thousands of quick trends going around. Anything from DIY crafts, clothing, beauty, and more. Most of the time when we see these trends we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves, and that’s mostly because they are usually too good to be true…

We have put together a few examples of things found on the internet that you really should avoid all together. These cleaning “hacks” can be detrimental to your home, and truly need to be researched before trying. Please give Best Qualified Cleaning a call before trying any of these “hacks”.

Do Not Use Bleach on Tile Grout

There was recently a Tik Tok star sharing a video she made cleaning her tile grout with bleach and it was quick, and immediately looked brand new. This is deceiving because this can actually begin to crack the grout in your bathroom! The bleach is so strong it causes it to weaken which will lead to cracks, breaks and costly repairs. Even worse, if you spent a pretty penny on a beautiful colored tile, the bleach can and most likely WILL alter the coloring. 

Concentrated Disinfectant as a Room Deodorizer

Another trend circling its way around the internet is mixing super concentrated disinfectants with boiling hot water and pouring it into the sink. Supposedly this is supposed to create an aroma effect of a clean home or space. But actually certain brands have reached out to the online communities saying not to do this, as it has not been tested. As well as they are not sure of what other cleaning chemicals have been dumped down the drain and if this concentrate mixes with them, it is unknown of the chemicals then being dispersed into the air. 

Mixing Dish Soap & Bleach to Unclog the Drain

More viral videos of people doing this to unclog their drain quickly became popular on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube as of recently. Again, without being aware of what certain chemicals are already in the drain, mixing bleach with those could cause toxic fumes to enter your home. It is all around a very dangerous thing to do, and if your drain is clogged, we recommend calling in a professional. 

Air Fresheners with Radiators

A video on the internet was showing people spraying air freshener down into their radiators or even pouring products inside to get rid of the dust. These videos have almost 4 million views… This is extremely flammable – Next time stick to a duster!

With all of this in mind, safety is the number one priority in our homes. Sometimes these quick and easy trends can seem harmless, but it is extremely important to do ample research before making a decision that could harm your home. We recommend leaving the cleaning to the pro’s and calling Best Qualified Cleaning for any of your deep cleaning needs.

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