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Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! We’ve prepared a checklist to help keep you on track before the guests arrive.

Start Early!

Whether that means a few days before or early in the morning before the party, start early, get it done and don’t procrastinate.

Tidy Up First

Don’t be too overwhelmed by deep cleaning, try to just tidy up. By simply decluttering your space first you will instantly feel better and more efficient.

Alright, Here’s Our List:

1. Use The Right Products

Many of us are attracted to those all purpose cleaners, but don’t get distracted by the versatility, some of those cleaning agents can come at a cost. If you have expensive stone, granite or glass, make sure you are using the correct cleaning product for those surfaces or you could end up ruining them.

2. Check on The Walls

Walls get dirty too – especially with little kids. They can also easily become overlooked, especially in the corners. Built up dust or cobwebs, and especially where we switch our lights on and off, those can get dirty from dirty hands too!

3. Wash The Windows

This is a simple task that immediately brightens up the room. Using a glass cleaner remove any dust, dirt, dog nose spots, or tiny hand prints!

4. Empty The Fridge

Take some time to empty the fridge, toss any old food or condiments and clean the shelves. Time to make some room for the leftovers!

5. Wipe Down the Appliances

If you’re hosting, that means your cooking and if guests are near the kitchen, you’re going to want your appliances your making your guests food in look nice and clean! It will also just make you feel good not seeing dirty fingerprints all over your fridge while trying to cook!

6. Spot Clean Your Carpet

If the living room is where most people will be relaxing and hanging out, you don’t want to see a big dirty stain from the dog or that cup of coffee you spilled last week. Turn the lights on so the room is well lit and start to spot clean! If it is too deep of a problem, it might be worth it to try to get the carpet cleaned before the guests arrive.

7. Clean Mirrors

Mirrors are often forgotten about, and wiping them down quick makes them look good, and the air around them smell good! Plus when guests arrive they’ll want to make sure they look ok!

8. Make Your Bed

Even though guests might not be going in your bedroom, it will build your confidence and make you feel better just knowing your bedroom is clean. Also, what’s better than crawling into a made bed after a long day?

These are just a few tips and tricks for the holiday! Best Qualified Clean is here to help with any last minute deep cleaning for your holiday parties, just give us a call today. Otherwise, we hope you have a safe, happy and healthy holiday and we wish you a Happy New Year.

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