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Why You Need to Also Clean Your Vacuum

Your vacuum is most likely your best friend when it comes to cleaning. It is probably the easiest way to clean up a mess and requires the least amount of energy to do so. It gives your home a fresh feel, without having to endure a deep cleaning activity. But have you ever thought about cleaning your vacuum? By regularly cleaning your vacuum, and by that we mean taking it apart and cleaning the entire vessel, it will actually extend the lifespan of your vacuum. Not only allowing your vacuum cleaner to last longer, but it will also perform at its best with a regular clean!

It is recommended that your vacuum is cleaned monthly, because not only is all of the trash or dirt being picked up and sticking to the walls of the canister, it is also sticking to all of the bristles in the vacuum. When done correctly, your vacuum should only take about thirty minutes to take apart, wash out and put back together. Unless there are multiple and numerous parts and pieces, this could take longer. We recommend allowing your vacuum parts enough time to air dry before putting the pieces back together. Many towns also have a “Vacuum Hospital” near you, where if you do not feel like cleaning it yourself, you can pay to get it done.

To Clean Your Vacuum Yourself, You Will Need The Following Suggested Items:

  1. Get behind the Appliances – Sweep, dust, vacuum and dust behind the fridge and stove!
  2. Shampoo your Upholstery – Deep clean the sofa that has been sat on all year.
  3. Refresh the Bathroom Cabinets – Get rid of expired medications, lotions etc.
  4. Deep Clean the Oven – This can take a few hours if you have a  self cleaning oven, but the lack of buildup from over a year of cooking makes it worth the wait.  
  5. Wash Walls or Outlets / Touch up Paint – Have you ever noticed your light switch outlets are pretty dirty? That’s from hands constantly touching them, and we usually don’t even notice until they’re covered in grime!
  6. Wash your Curtains, Blinds, Shower Curtain etc – The things we use everyday that build up dust and we don’t have time every week to launder them!
  7. Dust Light Fixtures – That cute pendant above the kitchen counter – When was the last time you dusted the bulb or fixture? 
  1. Gloves
  2. Flashlight
  3. Brush
  4. Facemask
  5. Cleaning cloth
  6. Scissors
  7. Cleaning Solution of Choice

Depending on the vacuum it can be dependent how elaborate the cleaning of it will be. In most cases, it might be best to leave it to the professionals. There are many benefits to cleaning your vacuum including extending its life and allowing it to continuously work properly and efficiently. We highly recommend asking your local vacuum store if it is time to give your vacuum some routine maintenance cleaning. While your vacuum is stored away, or getting cleaned, give us a call to help tidy up your home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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